Thu. May 26th, 2022



Produced by Joel Venom & 808iden​

Shot & Edited by Zero​

32 thoughts on “Locksmith – “Decoded” Live Lyric video”
  1. im so glad this guy never blew up or hopefully never will because i dont want these “mainstream-fans” to discover him.
    this NEEDS to stay underground. the KING of underground is here.
    salute to all my bros and sisters out there who are a fan of this man, u are a rare breed!<3

  2. If I had $100 million, I would buy Cambatta, Lock and some popular ‘white’ rapper out. Turn them into a band and then change the world.

  3. Yo lock are you scared to talk about the MRNA gene therapy and what the Feds been doing with their tapering and Qualitative easing/tightening? BARS are great but contents rudimentary… Basically cars, watches , bitches … imo

  4. As a rapper u make me wanna step it up everytime. Keep killing it bro. I hope u battle again one day to.

  5. “God as my witness, I spotted the sickness, I’m so sick of hearing about watches and bitches, I challenge my peers on our opposite interests”…

    Woooooooo!… ✊❤

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